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Thank you for your interest in helping the children of Maseno, Kenya through the His Arms Mission Program. 
There are many ways that you can participate in our program.

General Donation

For those who are not ready to commit yet as an child sponsor, but would like to donate for some special needs or towards the travel cost of our next mission trip.

Child Supporter ($30/month)

* In the notes section, please enter the name of your child.

* If you would like more information on sponsoring a child click here.


High School Education Assistance

* High school tuition is $350 per year, but any amount of donation is appreciated)

* If you want to donate a scholarship to a specific child, please enter that child's name in the special message section.

Emergency Diabetic Fund

This fund will be used with our Kenyan neighbors who are diagnosed with Diabetes but too poor for any medical help. 

We will work with our local nurse in trying to utilize any funds to the best of our ability to keep this diagnosis from

becoming a death sentence.  Thank you for helping the hurting in the Western Kenya area that His Arms work in.

Any amount of funds donated will go to this special fund.


WATOTO Education Project

It costs Kenyan children $25 per year to go to school. When their parents may only earn 75 cents per day, with food costing 50 cents a day, coming up with $25 is very difficult. We at His Arms agree. Education is so important if these children are going to escape extreme poverty. Please prayerfully consider donating any amount of money to help a child realize their dream in Western Kenya to get $25 to go to primary school for a year and pay the school fees and buy the mandatory uniform to do so.


There are other ways that you can help. See below for your options:

Please contact us if you would like more information on:

  • information about any upcoming Mission trips we may take.

  • to become a Prayer Partner for our next Mission trip (itinerary provided so you can pray daily for the ministry.)

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Please note what the donation is intended for

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