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Commitment of the USA volunteers to help ease the burdens of the poverty stricken orphans in the Great Ekwanda Area of Kenya, East Africa.


Do I qualify? 

Someone in the USA who:

  • Commits to be involved in the program for a minimum of two years (24 months)

  • Commits to writing a monthly note of encouragement to the child (we will collect these and send them off in one mailing to cut down on postage cost)

  • Commits to pay $30 a month for the sponsorship of the child

  • Sponsoring unit can be a single person or may be a family unit.

What can I expect? 

The program will make an effort to get a picture of the child for the sponsor with a brief history of his/her situation. The program will make a great effort to notify the sponsoring family unit of the child’s report on a regular basis including the health of the child, and if the child remains in school, how the schoolwork is going, etc.  Your child stays in the program until they complete 4 years of secondary (high school) or two years of a trade school instead.  Should they move from our area, they will no longer be sponsored by His Arms, but we encourage donors to then sponsor a sibling that may still be in the area!


What will the $30 pay for? 

One dollar is kept in USA to pay for administrative costs such as fees, bank charges, software, etc.  The program uses 18% of the donation for administrative costs in Kenya such as fees, bank charges and benefits for our workers on the Kenya side. Our caregivers include Milicent, Esther, Christine and Helen. The remainder of the donation is used to provide living costs for your student/students.  


There are many ways that you can help. See below for the many options:


Click here if you would like to become a supporter for a child in Kenya


If you are not ready to commit yet as a child supporter, but would like to donate for some special needs click here.


Please contact us if you would like more information on:

  • information about any upcoming Mission trips we may take.

  • to become a Prayer Partner for our next Mission trip (we provide an itinerary so you can pray daily for this ministry.)

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