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"As a tight-budgeted, mother of 4, I was searching for a way our family could give to the needy.  I found frustration with having the limited ability to give only a small donation and then having that organization take a portion of that small portion.  "His Arms" is the only organization I have found that gives 100% of my donations to "my" child.  The money is used towards food, clothing, education, medical needs, and giving them self-sustaining resources such as chickens and goats to raise, and transportation to obtain these resources.  Our family is able to write and receive letters to create a family bond with my Kenyan son and my kids Kenyan brother, Samuel.  My children make pictures for Sam, pray for him, and have pictures of him in their room.  I also had the great benefit of being able to travel to Kenya to hug, snuggle and spend time with Samuel and see first hand the HUGE impact a small donation made.  Choosing to support a child through "His Arms" has made such a positive impact on our family and has literally saved little Samuel's life." 


Prescott, Wisconsin

The program makes sure that 100% of your money goes to your child.  (There is no “in between man”.) 

Supporting a child through His Arms not only helps “my son” George, in Kenya, but also helps my children here.  My children, at home, continue to learn everyday about being selfless, the difference between needing/wanting, caring about others, and many other important life lessons.  

I have received pictures and letters from George and his caregivers.  His pictures are ever-present in our home like my other children.  I was able to buy him a few things that were brought to him by Nancy herself!  It was amazing to see his little face with his name and mine on the blanket patch that was made for him that was in my hands a few weeks before!  

Through “His Arms”, George knows that there are people in this world who do care for him and love him, along with God.  George is able to attend school now, is around other children, is no longer beaten and is not sleeping on a disease-infested dirt floor.  He is getting some very basic necessities of life met now.  I have not seen George smile in any pictures yet but I pray some year that he will be able to leave those bad memories behind and dream of a brighter future. Even if we never meet face to face George will know he is a very special child who I love very much!    

Twenty dollars does not stretch very far here but in Kenya it is the difference between life and death.  These children are our future and need to be loved, even from afar.  Everyday I am grateful to “HIS ARMS” for giving me the opportunity to do “something”." 


Eau Claire, Wisconsin

GUARDIANS: (those whom the child lives with)

"Dear Nancy,

Thank you for loving and praying for the start of our program His Arms Child Care. Thank you for the things you gave Mercy and me. Before then mercy had nothing to hang on but now she can afford basic needs. Mercy is a happy girl now. She has improved mentally and health-wise. She was brought for gifts like a goat, a hen, a mattress, a pot, food stuff, mosquito net, soaps, beans, shoes, blanket, and a Christmas dress among others. On behalf of this child I thank you so much for everything you have done to her. God bless you."



CARE GIVERS: (overseer)

"Dear Nancy,

Greetings from me hoping that you and your lovely family are doing well in US. We are now experiencing short rains in our area even though it came a little bit late. We have harvested beans and soon we will be eating green maize.

Sometimes back I used to sit at the door waiting for my husband to care for me and our four children but thank for His Arms Child Care Project. Through this program my life has been transformed. I do thank God for your effort in initiating this project. As I take care of these children, it reminds me of my early years when as an orphan I was left in the hands of my grandmother and how I grew under her care. I now have an opportunity to do the same. 

As a mother of four children, I appreciate your prayers to my family and accepting me to be a care giver. I am indeed happy teaching these children every Saturday for they are now my own. I do teach them the Word of God and some fun as drawing, Playing, music and handwork. It is my hope this program will one day expand to be so big to accommodate many children. I do thank God for the support you gave us as teachers. I was also very happy for your visit to Kenya  in His Arms. Children were happy and they are enjoying life now through your support. We love the program. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. God bless you." 

Beverlyne Kwanzu



"Dear Nancy, 

Receive much greeting from me. I hope you are doing well and under the Lord Jesus Christ. Our weather is sunny. We harvested ten two kg.s of beans recently. Now we are eating green maize. Thank you for the goat you gave me. I like grazing it every day. I also love feeding my chicken. I do feed it on maize. Thank God it has started laying eggs. Thank you for buying me a blanket, uniform, mattress and Christmas dress. I also thank you for medication that we receive. Recently, I was done for HIV test and I proved negative. THANK GOD! We stay together with my sister Phelesia and Bedina together with my guardian.

Thank you for the support you have given me. God bless you."

Rose Mercy

Our first His Arms child to go on to the University:

“Life has two sides just like a coin. Human beings face both sides, too.  Life’s experiences makes us face this world differently especially if that challenges our courage, strength, and faith.  I am that kind of young lady who once dropped out of school because of my Mum’s death.  I became a helpless child at the age of twelve.  I went back to primary school and sat for my Class 8th exams but had no money to pay for my secondary(high school) fees.  But then I came to realize God loves children.

My “candle” was rekindled by His Arms Organization that took that burden to pay for my high school fees until I had graduated from my Secondary courses.  Through this organization I got motivated.  I decided to let go of the past intrinsically as I knew the importance of education and so I had to work hard.  But extrinsically I had to become a positive model to motivate my young brothers and sisters in the Great Organization of His Arms.  I had understood that the foundation that will establish and determine what kind of children they will grow up to be, was important to the Founders of His Arms.  I am now a student at the University of Nairobi where I study Kiswahili and Religious Studies to earn my Bachelor of Education. As I write this I am in my third year/Junior year of my studies at the University.

Saying Thank you will not be enough to this organization.  This makes me come back home to the His Arms grounds to associate with my His Arms siblings and encourage them to work hard.  I tell them to word hard by telling them that our life challenges just strengthen and prepare us to face our future.  His Arms means so much to me. It has educated me and encouraged me. I even got a micro-loan from His Arms to start a business which enabled me to find money that I used to apply to the university placement.

At the age of 25 I still feel like a child because of the smile on my face.  THANKS HIS ARMS.  Asante sana His Arms!” 

Beatrice Osita Otara

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