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Malaria Net ($7)

Mosquito nets are very important, but relatively rare in this area of Kenya. Malaria, spread by the mosquito, is the leading killer of children in this part of Kenya. It is estimated that 1 out of 4 children die before they are 5. Studies have shown that because the Malaria-carrying mosquitoes only come out at night, using this relatively inexpensive net over the child's sleeping area can greatly reduce the chances for the child to get malaria.

Mattress ($25)

Where we are located, many of the children lack beds.  They may instead only have a blanket between them and the bare ground, or in many circumstances, only have rags or dried corn stalks to rest their heads on at night.  One of the added dangers to this situation is the problem they have with jiggers, which usually enters the body at night while sleeping on the ground.  By buying these simple 4 inch thick mattresses, these children can be kept off the ground at night and greatly reduce their chances of acquiring this parasitic infestations.  


Water Systems ($18)

For a donation of $18 a donor can help a struggling family have cleaner, safer water. This system is made from a large container that has a narrowed top, which prevents children from sticking their hands in container and contaminating it. The water that is gathered at the river, is poured into narrow top, then drops of a disinfectant solution is placed in the water and then the pot covered by a little cap. At the bottom of the pot is a spicket where one can turn the handle releasing safer, cleaner water.  It is actually slightly above the bottom of the pot which helps the dirt and sand to collect at the bottom rather then have to be used. Then periodically this can be tossed, when a new pot of water is added.  The whole system is only $18 including the solution which can last for several uses.  This simple system is saving lives, plus offering a cool clean water for consumption.

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