January 1, 2019

The 2019 summer trip is being used for sole purpose of Administrative issues.  Watch the site to hear details of next trips for 2020.

Please email His Arms for more information or to be considered for the next mission trip.

October 1, 2019

The exciting news is that His Arms Children's Project is becoming an official Kenyan NGO (non governmental organization).  This means we are a registered non profit within Kenya that a hired Kenyan Attorney has advised us along each step.  It is a long costly process but ascertains 100% transparency within Kenya with regular forms to file with the government in fact.  We begin with new coordinators we have hired that will practice 100% transparency,  However we remain a legal non profit within USA by operating under the umbrella of Peace Lutheran, Baldwin WI. 54002.  An elected USA-Kenyan Board will know over see our operations.  It brings much excitement and positive anticipation to our program  We thank God for helping us work through all of our necessary changes to become even more of a ministry to spread His Loving Arms.

His Arms, c/o Peace Lutheran
2084 County Road N
Baldwin WI 54002